PlantR's Mission

To catalyze a Christ-centered, context-sensitive church planting movement for social and spiritual renewal of Austin and beyond. 

Austin is a one of a kind city where many flourish with a shared sense of place and love for the city. Its thriving economy and "weird" culture are rooted in a rich history of arts, education, activism, spirituality and entrepreneurism. The rapid growth and diversity of Austin make it great place to plant churches that are sensitive to their context and centered on Christ. PlantR is a network of church planters from across the greater Austin area that work together for the social and spiritual renewal of the city and the suburbs.  

PlantR began in 2007 when a small group of church planters began to meet for equipping and encouragement. In monthly meetings, local and national leaders shared their insights on topics ranging from demographics to missional living to church and the arts. By 2008, PlantR grew into a regular monthly meeting of church planters from a wide variety of denominations.

In 2011, the network took a strategic step, turning its focus to monthly regional gatherings called Missional Hubs and quarterly equipping experiences called MicroConferences. We believe this decentralized reorganization will lead to greater missional impact. PlantR’s dream is that this strategy will catalyze a movement of church planting and other expressions of God’s mission for years to come throughout the Austin area.

What We Do

PlantR’s aim is to network, resource, and encourage church planters in two main ways: MicroConferences & Missional Hubs. 

Missional Hubs are regional gatherings of church leaders that meet regularly to network and encourage one another for the renewal of a specific region of the city.  



MicroConferences are uniquely focused conferences that occur quarterly to resource a Christ-centered church planting movement. 



Who We Are

PlantR is made up of a broad coalition of leaders from various churches, organizations and denominations throughout Austin. 

PlantR churches hail from denominations and networks as diverse as Acts 29, ARC, Anglican Mission in the Americas, Bible Churches, Evangelical Covenant Church, Ecclesia Network, Free Methodists, and Southern Baptists.  The board tries to reflect that diversity.

Want to learn more about PlantR?  You can read our statement of belief here, or view a map of PlantR churches here.


David Smith, Austin Baptist Association

Juan Sanchez, High Point Baptist Church

Ross Parsley, One Chapel

Friends of PlantR
Austin Baptist Association
Austin Bridge Builders Association
Austin Stone Counseling Center
Gospel Communities in Mission 
Hill Country Bible Planting
Music for the City
Restore Communities

MicroConference and Social Media Director

Todd Plunk

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Looking to connect? Interested in joining the PlantR network? Contact us via e-mail:
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What Are MicroConferences?

MicroConferences are a unique opportunity for church planters  and missional leaders to learn and build relationships. Each microconference exposes Austin leaders to world class thought leaders and experienced practitioners to help catalyze a gospel movement for the social and spiritual renewal of Austin and beyond. Break out sessions are designed to help participants work the ideas out in their own context. Through these affordable half day events, we hope to resource entire staffs and volunteer leadership teams.


Planting in Urban Neighborhoods: Strategy, Discipleship, & Leadership

Due to the winter weather, we were forced to cancel the last MC with Jon Tyson. We are actively working on a new date; stay tuned for more details. All registration fees have been refunded. Please contact us at if you have any questions. 

Past MicroConferences:

September 17, 2013
Biblical Missiology in the Local Church
Speaker: Dr. Michael Goheen
February 4, 2013
Gospel Counseling in the Local Church
Speaker: Dr. Timothy S. Lane
September 20, 2012
Renewing The City
Speaker: Mark Reynolds

May 10, 2012
Soul Care
Speaker: Dr. David Murray

January 10, 2012
Missional Community
Speaker: Jeff Vanderstelt
September 20, 2011
Missional Discipleship
Speaker: Alan Hirsch

Missional Hubs

Missional Hubs are regional gatherings of church leaders who meet regularly to network and encourage one another. They are the best way to connect with other church planters in your part of the city.

Hub Leaders

Currently, there are four hubs that meet monthly throughout the city. Anyone is welcome to join a missional hub. Meetings last an hour and a half, and provide great opportunities to discuss how you and your church plant are doing, learn best practices, and pray for one another. In addition, our hope is that missional strategies and partnerships will emerge from these communities to contribute to city renewal.


Finding a Church Plant in the Austin Area:


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PlantR Meet-up - Monday, October 6


Are you new to town or just looking to get connected? Join us this coming Monday, October 6th at Jo's Coffee downtown for our Meet-up.

PlantR Monday Meet-ups For New Church Planters
When: First Monday of each month at 3pm.
Where: Jo's Coffee on 2nd Street, near Lavaca St.
How: Conversation, meeting other planters, and Q&A.
Who: Anyone who is new to Austin, starting a new church plant or wants to connect with PlantR!



July PlantR Meet-Up Cancelled

We will be taking a break in July for our monthly PlantR Meet-Up and not be meeting on July 7th.


Christian Apologetics and C.S. Lewis

Christian Apologetics and C.S. Lewis

Presented By: Hill Country Institute and Reasons to Believe

Friday, April 25, 7:00pm
Covenant Presbyterian Church
3003 Northland Drive; Austin, TX 78757

C.S. Lewis is known as the apostle to skeptics. His arguments from reason and his imaginative approach to presenting Christian thought has challenged, encouraged and stimulated many, including the skeptic, the seeker, and the follower of Christ.One person whose life he impacted is Kenneth Samples:

"Unaware of any significant and enduring meaning or purpose to life, I felt a deep sense of emptiness growing in me as a teen . . .

The angst drove me to desire something deeper and more significant, and I continued contemplating the 'big questions'. During my first year in college, my older sister gave me a copy of Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis . . . One day I picked it up and began to read. Lewis, an astute Christian thinker, presented a clear case for Christianity. For the first time, I understood the basic message of the gospel. I grasped who Jesus Christ is (the God-man) and what he came to Earth to accomplish (the redemption of lost sinners). Many of the arguments Lewis marshaled in defense of the Christian faith (particularly his moral reasoning) brought me fresh insight, moral conviction, and intellectual challenge."
— Kenneth Samples, Without a Doubt: Answering the 20 Toughest Faith Questions

For more information, contact: 

Larry Linenschmidt
Executive Director, Hill Country Institute
Host, Hill Country Institute Live: Exploring Christ & Culture


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